Parenting the Love and Logic Way™

Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ has helped millions of parents and educators all over the world.  It provides a roadmap for adults to get through the tough times with young people in order to up the odds that they transform into responsible, contributing citizens to our quickly changing world.

Wouldn’t it be fun to crave taking our young ones out in public, getting calls from school, and knowing that we have the tools necessary to become a confident parent.  At no better time can we make the effort to focus on family and invest in our future.

Introductory Classes

Introductory Classes

Intro to Parenting the Love and Logic Way™ takes parents through an interactive high energy thrill ride discovering new techniques and the importance of being an empathetic and effective parent.

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Parent Workshop

Parent Workshop

The Parent Workshop is a 6-week course developed by the Love and Logic Institute designed to help parents find specific answers and actions for some of those difficult moments in child rearing.

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Student Workshop

Student Workshop

The Cool Refuser student workshop brings to life what kids go through during adolescence. This is a high energy workshop with some audience participation. Prepare to have fun!

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Teacher Workshop

Teacher Workshop

Staff Workshops include: Learning to Crave Mondays, intro to teaching the Love and Logic Way™, super user group development, full-day workshops, leadership training, and collegiality building.

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Christopher Peterson

An Independent Facilitator of Love and Logic®

About Chris

My goal is to reach out and affect as many young people as I can in a positive way.  I want to help kids stay goal-oriented, realize that they are in charge of their future, and learn an overall sense that life is amazing and wonderful.

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Parents and Organizations

Appleton School District


Wisconsin Education Association Council


Apple Valley School District


North Fond Du Lac School District


University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Building the Heart of Successful Schools Conference


Johnson Creek School District


Iowa School Counselors Association


First Free Church (Onalaska)


Minnesota School Counselors Association


Parent and Teacher


The skills and information I acquired have given my wife and I an opportunity to raise our children to be the best people they can be.  The all around change that has taken place in my family is nothing short of amazing.

a Father

I am always looking for ways to incorporate this lesson into the lesson plans I have to write. I think it is incredibly valuable information!

Robin Kozlovsky

Chris, you are such an energetic and inspirational speaker. I have been practicing the techniques that you talked about in my classroom ... I feel that I am a better teacher because of them!

Melissa Holdorf

What I have learned through Love and Logic has been invaluable. My stress level when it comes to parenting is much better.

a Mother