Kate Carlisle

I have three girls.  I love them dearly but things had been out of control at our house and we didn't realize just how much our parenting had to do with it. When I met Chris and he suggested I take his course, I was skeptical.  Boy was I wrong! I grew up during a time when parents made the choices and kids just did what they were told to do.  Love and Logic made me realize that being a parent is not an excuse to boss kids around, get frustrated when they won't do what I want, and end up with complete chaos.  It taught me that my job as a parent is to teach my kids to be respectful and help them learn how to handle many different situations by themselves.  Believe it or not, giving them choices helps them accomplish this. My kids now take pride in the choices they make and are beginning to learn from the not-so-good decisions they have made.  Its a work in progress but I am so happy and thankful that I am learning to parent the Love and Logic way.  Just a quick quote from my almost 6-year-old one night recently when I was putting her to bed......"Mom, THIS is what a Family is supposed to be like." Forever Grateful