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Teacher Workshop

Teacher Workshop
Teacher Workshop



Learning to Crave Mondays

A Love and Logic® Approach to Building the Important Stuff for Teachers and Staff

How can we flip the stigma of “I hate Mondays” on its ear?  How do we reach kids that are seemingly unreachable?  How can we unlock the treasure of achievement in your students?

Join me in taking a deeper look at the connection between what we do as an adult and the impact on kids.  Let’s learn why focusing on character and personal responsibility can form the foundation of lasting achievement.  Let us discover the mindset to view Mondays as our favorite day of the week.

In this fun and fast paced workshop for the professional development of teachers and school staff, we will:


[vc_column_text]Examine the importance and link between Teaching with Love and Logic and creating a climate and culture that increases student motivation and success.

  • Definitions
  • Language Shapes Reality
  • Culture and Climate (Maya Angelou)
  • Champion for kids
  • Relationships


[vc_column_text]Discover how the Love and Logic strategies allow for consistent structure, expectations, routines, and guidelines.

  • Discipline Defined
  • Punishment?
  • Character
  • Carson and April Story
  • Foundations of Success
  • Consequences and Empathy
  • Love and Logic strategies to use immediately


[vc_column_text]Explore the necessity of meeting the needs of students (physical, social, emotional, and mental).

  • Match it Up, Model it, Live it
  • Quick Fixes
  • Road to Wisdom
  • Making Mistakes


[vc_column_text]Laugh, tell stories, relax.[/vc_column_text]

Teacher and Staff Workshops include:

  • Learning to Crave Mondays: A Love and Logic® approach to the important stuff
  • Introduction to: Teaching the Love and Logic Way™
  • Staff Kickoff Events: Successful to Significant
  • Super User Group development
  • Full-day workshops
  • Leadership Training
  • Collegiality Building

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Super User Group Development

One way to continue to “keep a steady drip” occurring is to develop a group of teachers and staff to continue to teach when I leave.  I call this group the “Super Users”.

The development of this group helps create a climate and culture that supports peer education, collaboration, and a general positive attitude of continuous school improvement.

Typically, this group takes part in a book study.  Most frequently, they read Teaching with Love and Logic or From Bad Grades to a Great Life.  The teachers take time to meet and discuss the readings.  This has been done both formally and informally with great success.  During staff meetings, this group is given a few minutes to talk about their successes in the classroom.  Some groups just discuss, while others take time to role play typical behavior situations in the class.

My role is typically twofold:

  1. I act as a support system for the group; answering questions, detailing techniques, and troubleshooting tough situations.
  2. I participate in classroom observations and develop a relationship with the group to help them progress in the Love and Logic strategies in the classroom.


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