Student Workshop

Student Workshop
Student Workshop

Be a Cool Refuser

Keep Your Friends and Maintain Your Dignity

It’s not very often that a stranger offers you to do something unhealthy. Most of the time it is a friend that does the pressuring. In a world where just saying “No” isn’t enough, these skills can keep anyone out of trouble and keep your friends at the same time.

This five step process in Cool Refuser brings to life what kids go through during adolescence. This presentation is high energy and requires some audience participation. Prepare to have fun!

Student Workshops include:

  • Refusal Skills and Character Development
  • How to Become a Cool Refuser: Keep Your Friends and Maintain Your Dignity
  • Peer Education Team Development

Peer Education Development

Scope and Sequence

One of my top priorities as a presenter is to remain flexible to the needs of the school.  I do not wish to come into an environment and be prescriptive with my message.  With that said, I do have some general goals I hope to accomplish with the development of a peer education group.  I do not want to be a “one-hit-wonder.”  If I truly take my task to heart, I would ideally never have to return.  In essence, I would eventually work myself out of a job.

Goals for a Peer Education Group:

  1. Choose a group of people the school professionals deem able to pursue the mission.
  2. With the help of the staff (counselors, administrators, police liaisons, etc.) develop the cohesion and collegiality of the group.
    • I like to use the steps in the Adventure Education Model.
    • Develop a name.
    • Create ideas for propaganda (creating a positive social norm).
  3. Develop and focus our Vision and Mission.
  4. Brainstorm ideas that address the most urgent concerns of the group.
  5. Become adept at teaching the “Cool Refuser” skills as a student led troupe.
  6. Identify groups that can support the cause.

Those are my main topics that typically get covered.  Each school presents their own unique circumstances.  It becomes my honor to be able to work with the school leaders to pinpoint those concerns and develop strategies to combat them.